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GEESE Logistics: 18 Years of Gratitude and Growth in Hampton Roads

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, GEESE Logistics takes a moment to reflect on its remarkable journey from a small, local courier company to the largest full-service local pickup and delivery freight company in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Established in July 2005, GEESE Logistics started with a simple mission—delivering envelopes from the courthouse to real estate companies. Little did they know that a phone call about "cartage" would lead them to become an integral part of the local logistics landscape.

Cartage, defined as the transporting of something in a cart or other vehicle, became a pivotal point for GEESE Logistics. Unfamiliar with the term at first, the team embarked on a journey of research and strategic planning. Six months later, they expanded their services to include cartage, setting the stage for their evolution into a comprehensive pickup and delivery freight company.

Fast forward 18 years, and GEESE Logistics stands as a testament to dedication, hard work, and a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their customers. Today, they proudly represent their clients in the local Hampton Roads market and have earned a reputation as the go-to logistics partner in the region.

Situated just three miles from Norfolk International Airport, GEESE Logistics ensures TSA compliance and maintains an exceptionally secure warehouse and office. In an industry where communication is key, they excel in providing timely and reliable updates to their customers. Operating 24/7, GEESE Logistics understands the importance of being available whenever their clients need them.

As Thanksgiving approaches, GEESE Logistics extends heartfelt gratitude to all their current and future customers. The Giese Family, the driving force behind the company, acknowledges the trust and support they have received over the years. Their success story is intertwined with the relationships they've built with clients who have relied on GEESE Logistics for their pickup and delivery needs.

In a special note of appreciation, GEESE Logistics expresses a "REALLY big THANK YOU" to all the men and women in the military. Located in the largest military area in the country, GEESE Logistics feels deeply honored to contribute to the daily operations of the military bases in the region. The company takes pride in being a reliable partner in ensuring that essential goods and services reach the dedicated servicemen and women who protect and serve our nation.

As the Giese Family looks back on their journey, they express sincere gratitude for the support that has propelled GEESE Logistics to its current standing. The Thanksgiving season serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of family, community, and the relationships that define us. GEESE Logistics looks forward to many more years of growth and success, standing ready to meet the logistics needs of Hampton Roads with the same dedication and excellence that have become their trademark.

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