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Unlocking Success: Why Choosing Experienced Shipping Services Trumps Amateurs

In the world of logistics and supply chain management, choosing the right long-distance shipping partner is crucial to your company’s success. Whether you’re shipping products to a nearby state or across the country, the choice between an experienced service and a newcomer in the industry will significantly impact your product’s journey and, often, your bottom dollar.

If you’re looking for a balance of experience, high quality and value, GEESE Logistics offers extensive full-service shipping options during each step of the shipment. Its nearly 20 years of experience ensures its customers are satisfied from the early stages of the quoting process to the ever-important last-mile delivery.

Take a look at a few of the many advantages you gain when working with a professional shipping company that is well-versed in the intricate logistics of moving products long-distance.

Understanding Pallet Requirements

If you want to delay the progress of your shipment, just trust a company unfamiliar with the details of pallet requirements. The beginning of your product’s journey begins when it’s stacked on these wooden platforms before taking off to its destination.

Here are a few examples of how choosing an expert shipping service can affect the safety and efficiency of the process.

  • Experts in Palletization: Professional shippers have extensive experience in palletizing goods. They know how to maximize space, secure products effectively, and minimize damage during transit.

  • Customized Solutions: They can offer customized solutions to build pallets that meet your specific product dimensions, weights, and fragility. This can lead to creating more space on the moving truck, which in turn saves you money.

  • Compliance and Safety: Experienced shipping services ensure shipments are up to strict compliance and safety regulations, which reduces the risk of accidents and delays during transportation.

  • Cost Efficiency: Proper palletization can also lead to savings as it optimizes space, reducing the number of trips and associated costs.

If your load requires an emergency truck rework, companies like GEESE Logistics can help. Professionals are on standby to assist in unloading poorly packed freight to repair or restack a new pallet and ensure your items are back on the move with minimal downtime.

Experienced Shipping Companies Utilize Ample Warehouse Space

Both simple and complex shipping situations require a sizable amount of warehouse space for things to go smoothly. Our secure 27,000 sq. ft. storage facility is three hours from Norfolk International Airport and only 10 miles from Port of Norfolk.

This is no coincidence. With strategic locations positioned near critical shipping points, GEESE can coordinate the logistics and expedite shipment times seamlessly.

Shipping Experts Feature Cutting-Edge Tracking Software

Customers gain peace of mind by accessing their shipment’s progress through state-of-the-art technology advantages. An expert shipping company is more apt to invest in cutting-edge software that amateurs have yet to offer.

GEESE Logistics offers tracking access so its clients can:

  1. View recovery status.

  2. Monitor out-for-delivery status.

  3. Visualize the proof of delivery.

  4. Print a hard copy of delivery verifications.

  5. Approve and finalize charges.

The advances in technology afforded to customers help improve the visibility of their shipments and enhance data-driven decision-making. It’s also a great way to solve transportation issues by creating solutions when problems arise.

Expert Shipping Companies Execute Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery is the final phase of the shipping process, or when a product hits the customer’s doorstep. While handling, packing, and transporting are critical to the shipping journey, last-mile delivery is the key to winning business and customer satisfaction.

Professional shippers can impact the last leg of this journey by taking advantage of their local expertise and established relationships with partners. You can also find a vast list of options for your shipment, like same-day, next-day, and time-specific deliveries, to cater to diverse customer needs.

The Competitive Edge of an Experienced Shipping Company

In the highly competitive world of long-distance shipping, experience matters. Choosing a professional with expertise in pallet requirements, warehouse space, innovative tracking software, and efficient last-mile delivery solutions can be the difference between smooth operations and expensive mistakes.

When entrusting your shipments to an experienced shipping company, you’re not merely getting a service; you’re investing in the success of your business while building a long-standing relationship with an expert.

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Reach Out Today for a Customized Quote for Your Shipping Needs

If you’re ready to contact GEESE for a customized quote, fill out this simple online form, and we’ll be in touch. Or, you can reach our main office at 757-491-8400. Our customer service experts are standing by to answer your questions and fulfill your specific shipping needs.

Long Distance Shipping Tips
Long Distance Shipping Tips


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