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Geese Logistics


GEESE Logistics was established in July of 2005. Starting off as a local courier company delivering envelopes from the courthouse to the real estate companies.  About six months down the road we received a phone call asking if we knew what cartage was. We had no idea what that word even meant. So, we did our research and executed a plan to start providing that service locally. Now, 18 years later GEESE Logistics is the largest full-service local pickup and delivery freight company in Hampton Roads Virginia. We are proud of our history and even more proud to represent our customers in the local ORF market. GEESE is located approximately 3 miles from Norfolk International Airport. We are TSA compliant while providing an extremely secure warehouse and office. Communication is key in this business and we are very good at providing that back to our customers. Give us a call today! We are open 24/7.

cart·age      /ˈkärdij/      noun
1. the transporting of something in a cart or other vehicle.


We would all like to say a big thank you from the GEESE Family to all of our current & future customers! Also, a REALLY big THANK YOU to all of the men and women in the military! Being located in the largest military area in the country GEESE couldn’t be more honored to help deliver and pickup from all the bases locally every day.


The Giese Family 



GEESE maintains all of its TSA numbers and training on one consolidated data base. You can review our DOT, Insurance and other operating information in this data base. Click on the TSA Link then "Search" and enter Client Code: 64896780


"Great delivery service. On time, polite and careful with your merchandise. I will definitely use them again and would highly recommend."

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